WooCommerce CSV Import Export Plugin


Main Features

Woocommerce export products plugin allows you to easily import or export categories, products, customers and orders to or from your online store. You can create rules for swiftly exporting the data. Woocommerce CSV Import plugin uses PHP Excel library for importing or exporting the data. The file exports and imports are performed in parts to avoid timeout errors. The key features of Woocommerce export orders plugin are,

Export categories, products, customer, orders

Import categories, product, customer, orders

Create rules for exporting data

PHP excel library used for export and import

Fully customizable Excel file

Filters for exporting data

Export All or Specific Products

WooCommerce import export plugin allows you to export the list of products from your e-store. It also enables various filters which help to download the data of specific products.

You can use various filters such as name, description, SKU, slug, type, featured, price, sale price, category, stock status, product status, date added, length, width, height, weight, and quantity.

Export Specific or All Categories from Your e-Store

This plugin also allows you to export categories from your e-store by using various filers. You can download categories by name, description, parent, slug, and display type. You can add multiple filters to export the exact data you needed.

Download List of Customers With Respect to their Attributes

You can download the list of customers from your e-store by using WooCommerce import export plugin. You can export all the data with just one click or you can use filters to export the data to specific customers. These filters are first name, last name, company, email, phone, address, country, city, state, and postcode.

Export All or Specific Orders Using Filters

With the help of this plugin, you can download the list of all the orders or export specific orders with respect to its attributes. You can use various filters to export specific orders such as order date, ID, status, total, customer name, billing country, shipping country, and product name.

Import Products, Categories, Customers & Orders

WooCommerce export import plugin also enables you to import products, categories, customers, and orders on your e-store. You can import the data in a zip file with just a single click.

Set Maximum and Minimum Entries to Import and Export

Admin can set the maximum and minimum entries to import and export in each part at a time. This reduces the load of work on the server and avoids server issues.

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